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a non-governmental organization that focuses on research and consulting in various fields related to human development.


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We Are An Umbrella Organization

Coopera work with private companies, educational organizations, universities, cooperatives, and other entities to provide innovative solutions for various societal challenges.
Our organization is built on the foundation of collaboration and partnership. Our aim is to facilitate opportunities for migrants and individuals with diverse competencies in Sweden through our initiative, Coopera Hub. This collaborative effort brings together various organizations and companies to promote integration and human development.

From Stockholm To The World

Coopera is a Swedish organization with partners  from the world

 The challenge !

One of the significant challenges we face is the failure of established structures in Swedish society to mobilize and capitalize on the human resources of migrants and foreign-born individuals. This issue has led to difficulties with integrating refugees into the labor market, resulting in higher unemployment rates in the country. Our organization believes that unemployment is a macroeconomic problem that negatively impacts a country’s growth and its people’s welfare.

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